What is the cleaning schedule for a Broaster 2400 Pressure Fryer

The cleaning schedule is covered within the Operations Manual

Within the Operations Manual, you can find the cleaning schedule for the Broaster 2400 Pressure Fryer.

Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly schedules included. 

View the Broaster 2400 Pressure Fryer Operations Manual


Clean Cooking Well   X    
Clean Condensate Pan X      
Clean Oil Build-up under unit       X
Clean Pressure Relief Valve Port & Pressure Gauge Port   X    
Clean Cover & Splash Guard   X    
Clean Food Basket X      
Clean Temperature Sensor     X  
Clean Filter Pan Cover After each filtering cycle      
Filter Cooking Oil See Filtering in Manual      
Clean & Lubricate O-Ring   X    
Slide Rod X      
Gas Spring Cover   X    
Probe Guard & Basket Guides     X  
NOTICE: If cooking volume is high, perform above requirements more frequently


Warning: Improper installation, adjustments, alteration, service or maintenance can cause
property damage, injury or death. Read the installation, operating and maintenance
instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.