How to troubleshoot a Broaster 1800 Pressure Fryer

Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Within the Operations Manual, there are troubleshooting flows to aid in resolving issues that may arise. 

Click here to view our handy Pressure Fryer Troubleshooting Guide


Or visit the link below to access the same material from within the Operations Manual

Troubleshooting begins in Section 12 which is Page 61 within the below PDF file

View the Broaster 1800 Pressure Fryer Operations Manual

Scenarios include:

  • Electrical   (Page 61)
    • Power ON light not illuminated
    • Timer will not time
    • Heat ON light not illuminated
  • Solid State Controller   (Page 62)
    • Display reads FAIL
    • Display reads HI
    • Display reads PROB
    • Display reads CHEC
  • SmartTouch Controller   (Page 63)
    • Display reads HEATER FAULT
    • Display is blank
    • Display doesn't respond when touched
    • Display reads PROBE FAULT
    • Display reads HI TEMP FAULT
    • Display reads INTERNAL FAULT
    • Display reads C1 FAULT
  • Power Supply: Gas   (Page 64)
    • Pilot burner won't ignite
    • Main burner won't ignite
  • Cover and Yoke   (Page 65)
    • Cover hard to close
    • Cover won't open
    • O-Ring Broke
    • Pressure Gauge not indicating pressure
  • Pressure System   (Page 66)
    • No pressure
    • Excess pressure
  • Fresh Chicken   (Page 67)
    • Product too light
    • Product too dark
    • Product not done
    • No flavor
    • White Spots
    • Dark Spots
  • Frozen IQF Chicken   (Page 68)
    • Product too light
    • Product too dark
    • Product not done
    • No flavor
    • White Spots
    • Dark Spots
  • Filtering   (Page 69)
    • Motor will not start
    • Motor hums but will not start
    • Motor starts but will not pump
    • Motor starts but will not pump or stops at any level
    • Motor starts but stops before filter pan completely empty

Warning: Improper installation, adjustments, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage, injury or death. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment.