Decode Broaster Pressure Fryer Serial Number

Guide on how to interpret or decode a Broaster Pressure Fryer Serial Number

A Serial Number on a Broaster piece of Equipment is a very powerful and useful tool. With this number you can tell how it was originally shipped from the factory - like if it's gas or electric, the controller type and all other important info. But, how do you read it? Below is a handy guide to decoding the serial number. 

First, what does a serial number look like?

Examples of Broaster Serial Numbers:

    • TG8F22155Y
    • SG8J02137Y
    • SG4L22081Y
    • TE8A32015D

If you don't know where the serial number is, look at the data plate that is located near where the Basket Lifter Holder is, facing you. See Example

The first letter will tell you the type of Controller the unit was manufactured with:

T = SmartTouch Controller

S = Solid State Controller (or Temp N Time)

If the serial number starts with an E1 or a G1, this is a Mechanical Controller. If you have a Mechanical controller, use this reference: Serial Number Decoder for Mechanical Controllers

Example: TG8F22155Y would be a SmartTouch Controller


If the unit is an E-Series Pressure Fryer it will start with an EG or EE instead of a T or an S as all E-Series units have SmartTouch Controllers

View E-Series Serial Number Decoder


The second letter identifies if it's gas or electric:

E = Electric

G = Gas

Example: TG8F22155Y is a gas unit


Next is a number which will identify the Model Number of the unit:

4 = Model 2400

6 = Model 1600

8 = Model 1800

Example: TG8F22155Y would be a Model 1800


Next is a letter that corresponds with the Month the unit was manufactured:

A = January D = April  G = July J = October
B = February E = May H = August K = November
C = March F = June I = September L = December

Example: TG8F22155Y would be June


The next 2 numbers are the year of manufacture, in reverse order:

02 = 2020

32 = 2023

79 = 1997

Example: TG8F22155Y would be from 2022


The next 3 digits is the unique number assigned to the unit

Example: TG8F22155Y would be number 155


The last and final number corresponds to the electrical configuration of the unit:

A = 120V /1PH H = 120V/208V / 3PH S = 200V / 3PH
B = 208V / 1PH J = 120V/240V / 3PH T =  220V / 1PH
C = 240V / 1PH K = 220V/380V / 3PH U = 240V/480V / 3PH
D = 208V / 3PH M = 230V/400V / 3PH W = 120V / 1PH / LP
E =  240V / 3PH N = 240V/415V / 3PH X =  220V / 1PH / LP
F =  120V/208V / 1PH P = 220V/240V / 1PH Y =  120V / 1PH / NAT
G =  120V/240V / 1PH R = 480V / 3PH Z =  220V / 1PH / NAT

Example: TG8F22155Y would be 120V / 1PH / NAT