Decode Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer Serial Number

Guide on how to interpret or decode a Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer Serial Number

A Serial Number on a Broaster piece of Equipment is a very powerful and useful tool. With this number you can tell how it was originally shipped from the factory - like if it's gas or electric, the controller type and all other important info. But, how do you read it? Below is a handy guide to decoding the serial number. 

First, what does a serial number look like?

Examples of Broaster E-Series Serial Numbers:

    • EG4B42012Y
    • EG4F32155Y
    • EG8H22005W

If the unit is an E-Series Pressure Fryer it will start with an EG or EE instead of a T or an S as all E-Series units have SmartTouch Controllers.


The second letter identifies if it's gas or electric:

E = Electric

G = Gas

Example: EG4F32155Y is a gas unit


Next is a number which will identify the Model Number of the unit:

4 = E-Series 24

8 = E-Series 18

Example: EG4F32155Y would be an E-Series 24


Next is a letter that corresponds with the Month the unit was manufactured:

A = January

D = April 

G = July

J = October

B = February

E = May

H = August

K = November

C = March

F = June

I = September

L = December

Example: EG4F32155Y would be June


The next 2 numbers are the year of manufacture, in reverse order:

34 = 2024

32 = 2023

Example: EG4F32155Y would be from 2022


The next 3 digits is the unique number assigned to the unit

Example: EG4F32155Y would be number 155


The last and final number corresponds to the electrical configuration of the unit:

A =

120V /1PH

H =

120V/208V / 3PH

S =

200V / 3PH

B =

208V / 1PH

J =

120V/240V / 3PH

T = 

220V / 1PH

C =

240V / 1PH

K =

220V/380V / 3PH

U =

240V/480V / 3PH

D =

208V / 3PH

M =

230V/400V / 3PH

W =

120V / 1PH / LP

E = 

240V / 3PH

N =

240V/415V / 3PH

X = 

220V / 1PH / LP

F = 

120V/208V / 1PH

P =

220V/240V / 1PH

Y = 

120V / 1PH / NAT

G = 

120V/240V / 1PH

R =

480V / 3PH

Z = 

220V / 1PH / NAT

Example: EG4F32155Y would be 120V / 1PH / NAT