How to assemble your Filter Pan

Step by step how to assemble a Broaster Pressure Fryer Filter Pan.

Below is a graphic showing the proper way to assemble the filter pan. You can also scroll further to watch Chef Ken's demonstration video on how to properly set up your filter pan for your Broaster Pressure Fryer. Applies to Broaster 1600, Broaster 1800 & Broaster 2400 models.


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Key Sections in Video

0:00 - Introduction

0:10 - Disassemble Filter Pan

0:53 - Creasing Filter Paper

1:14 - Assembling Filter Pan

1:20 - Filter Pan Screen

1:29 - Filter Paper

1:39 - Hold Down Ring

1:52 - Bro Clean Lite Filter Media Application

2:00 - Amount of Bro Clean per Broaster Pressure Fryer

2:18 - Importance of Properly Cleaning Components

2:40 - Filter Pan Lid

2:50 - Filter Line O-Rings

3:06 - Re-Inserting Filter Pan Under Pressure Fryer

3:20 - Installing Front Cover


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