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Can I use "Broaster Chicken" and "Broasted Chicken" to advertise my product?

Businesses can use Broaster's Trademarked terms when advertising if they follow these 4 key guidelines.

In order to use Broaster Company's licensed trademarked terms, Operators must follow the below guidelines:

1) Always cook their product in a Broaster Pressure Fryer.

2) Always use Broaster Foods proprietary products when preparing your fresh chicken:
    Slo-Bro Coating & Chickite or Supreme marinade or Chickite Pre-marinated fresh chicken.

3) Always follow the instructions, preparation methods and procedures set forth in the Genuine
    Broaster Chicken training guide.  

4) Have a signed licenses trademark agreement on file with Broaster Company. 


Broaster Company owns the trademark registrations and applications for its trademarks, including, BROASTER®, BROASTER FOODS®, BROASTER CHICKEN®, BROASTED®, BROASTED CHICKEN®, BRO-OIL®, SLO-BRO®, CHICKITE®, and the GENUINE BROASTER CHICKEN® design logo.


Not sure if you have a current licensed trademark agreement on file with Broaster Company? Send us an email at broaster@broaster.com and we can let you know.