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10 Tips to Minimize Fryer Downtime

Broaster Service Team technicians shared their top tips to minimize downtime in your Operation

Ron and Chris, experts from the Broaster Service Team, have compiled a comprehensive list of their top ten recommendations to effectively reduce downtime.

  1. Always use Broaster filtering compounds and follow the recommended filtering procedures set forth in your Operations Manual.
    1. Guide: How to Filter your Broaster Pressure Fryer

  2. Always make sure filter screen is in place under the filter paper when you reassemble your filter pan.
    FILTER ASSEMBLY - new cup-01
  3. If pressure valve (small lever on top of Broaster) won’t fully close, the drain valve could be open and clogged. Remove clog with your ramrod and close drain valve.

  4. Always keep spare O-rings on hand for cover and filter pan.

  5. BrushWhen filtering and cleaning your Broaster Pressure Fryer, always use the brushes from your Pressure Fryer Accessory Kit. These brushes were specially designed to quickly and easily clean the units. Contact your Local Authorized Distributor if you need replacement heads or brushes.
    1. Reference chart for the components in the Accessory Kits.
    2. Guide: How to Clean your Broaster Pressure Fryer. 
    3. Guide: How to Clean your Pressure Fryer Well.
    4. Find your Local Authorized Distributor.
  6. Once a month, verify screws for probe guard are tight and not missing.

  7. Keep copies of instruction sheets and job aides on hand near your equipment to ensure proper procedures are always followed. This is especially important when you have newer employees in the kitchen. 
    1. Guide: How to Operate a Broaster Pressure Fryer.
    2. Guide: How to Clean your Broaster Pressure Fryer. 
    3. Guide: How to Clean your Pressure Fryer Well.
    4. Guide: How to Filter your Broaster Pressure Fryer

    Cleaning Flag
  8. NEVER turn unit on with water and/or cleaning solution in the cooking well.

    Always unplug your unit and place the cleaning flag on the latch column to alert others that the well is currently being cleaned with water.

  9. O-RingToolAlways use your handy O-Ring and groove cleaner tool when installing O-Rings or cleaning your groove. This tool was designed to not damage the O-Ring or the groove. If damage occurs to either component, this may cause your unit to not build pressure. 
    1. Order a new O-Ring tool from your Local Authorized Broaster Distributor.
    2. View the list of available accessory parts and components.

  10. Always use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Components and parts on your Broaster Pressure Fryer. Failure to do so may void your warranty.